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The Heart of Cape Town Museum honors all those who played a major role in the surgical feat that pushed the boundaries of science into the dawn of a new medical era. An era in which it became possible to transplant the symbol of the essence of life, the human heart. Find out more about the behind the scene moments of the first human heart transplant.

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First Human Heart Transplant

The drama of the world’s first successful human heart transplant, led by Professor Christiaan Neethling Barnard, played out within the walls of the Charles Saint Theatre at Groote Schuur Hospital on the 3rd December 1967. This museum offers a insightful look into the day the first successful heart transplant took place.

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The human heart transplant, one of the greatest moments in medical history, was made possible by an extraordinary interplay of scientific dedication, human courage and generosity . Book your tour today to see where the world’s first successful heart transplant took place.

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