Design by guru design The Timeline The Timeline This timeline, structured around the main events leading up to the first human heart transplant, illustrates how the race to make medical history was closely and dramatically run by four of the world’s most skilled and driven cardiac surgeons. Selected milestones, not sub-headings, are reproduced here by kind permission of Donald McRae, the author of Every Second Counts (2006, Simon and Schuster, London). The starting post 22 July 1958: The seeds of the race are sown when the great pioneers of heart surgery, Norman Shumway and Dick Lower, succeed in bringing a dog’s heart back to life after it has been stopped and stored in saline for one hour. The first lap 28 July 1958: Six days later Chris Barnard performs his first open heart surgery on 15 year-old Joan Pick by opening her narrowed pulmonary valve. Early 1959: Shumway and Lower experiment with cardiac autotransplantation by removing dogs’ hearts and replacing them into the same animal. NEXT Copyright (c) | | All rights reserved