Design by guru design The day of the accident  “There are times when, for one reason or other, we lose a special love in our lives. It could be that maybe the time and place is not right.” (‘Somewhere My Love’ – Lara’s theme from Dr. Zhivago) On Saturday the 2nd December 1967, was a fresh summer’s day in Cape Town, where the locals were out in full force, enjoying the pre-Christmas bustle. Among them were 25-year old Denise Darvall with her parents Edward and Myrtle as well as her youngest brother, Keith. All four were oblivious of the accident which would shortly claim two of their lives and set in motion a chain of events, that would change the face of open heart surgery forever. Copyright (c) | | All rights reserved Louis Washkansky Ann Washkansky &          Michael       Dr Marius Barnard explainging Louis' X-RAY Myrtle Darvall Edward Darvall Denise Darvall